Or just sat on the floor there could’ve been, 30. Some of the dress, well the women were, a lot of them were in the old-fashioned dress, old, national dress. Bang. And, when I, got out of the army I had the same thing happen to me and, I was examined and they said that there was a case of colitis and. They understood and they knew damn well that, they’d lost the war and, I think they accepted that. But we didn’t starve there was plenty there, plenty of everything. Available for pick up in Sth Melbourne. Well, the desert, I suppose they thought it was, no man’s land that, that’ll do, yeah. What was the general, if North Korean prisoners of war were taken through South Korea, what was the South Koreans’ reaction to the North Koreans? So we scooted off through there and, back to Pakchon and then it eventually, snow set in and, back we went, down through, into South Korea and down because they followed down the Chinese and they overtook Seoul. I had two brothers and two sisters and I was the youngest. Would it work in the reverse way? About getting wounded I wasn’t wounded except, I got a bit of, shrapnel in the back of my neck here. What what, what did the family sort of do, when he joined up and and left? Yeah. But they had the numbers. And they had, they operated mainly from somewhere in Adelaide, I can’t think of the name of the, actual area. Three months. And sit down and, get through a pound of butter on a plate, that was his meal. Let’s say we had them released. Actually, I had the nickname of Bull, from my brothers. Would it be possible to modify the BLHeli code to achieve this? But that was my homecoming you see, that’s all. Take us through a day-to-day kind of, outline of …. Mum would’ve, oh yeah she would’ve. But we hated them because, they were, well, they were brainwashed, put it that way and they used to try to brainwash the, prisoners too. It was nothing to see, on the dirt roads, civilians, farmers, in their white farmer suits, flat, flattened. The House of Golf are the champions of your game, and we pride ourselves on great brands, expert service and passion for the beautiful game of golf. And the pigs that got out were going around and they were eating, the remains. Who were out at Ground Zero before the detonation. I’ve got a, print on the wall just out here in the passage, of, taken from a photograph of my mother, and it was put on silk. Remember a soft drink called Tarax? Because it’s all over you see. And, Ebis or Ebisu was the, Japanese God of something or other. There was an American band marching up and down on the wharf playing Saint Louis Blues. Oh it was, a lot of people say, “Oh you’re in, Divisional Headquarters,”. But of course later on he’d take it off and put it back at, on old Mama’s back. sacred. if needed. Well you just mentioned patrols. We used to get up on top of a building we’d go and get a hundred Yen in one Yen notes, and throw, them out and watch them, down there all, scattering. They went to meet their ancestors. King Georges Road and Princes Highway, Blakehurst. Yeah I’m getting. What, I mean, what sort of …, Oh. there were, Aboriginals camped at, and, of course, they were in the safety area it was quite all right for them to be there. Did anyone feel any, bad about this that Hirohito was still there? Yeah. Yeah Shikoko and Kyushu I think is the bottom island. The George Medal. No. Then we went to Royal Park and got paid for our leave I had about two months leave, coming to me, yeah. And, they’d never talk about it, any of their service or if. Can you, take us through, what, what you, were involved in, what happened? And, they wanted as many as possible from Japan, to go across to Korea, without waiting for reinforcements from Australia. Getting around, chasing the nurses and, pretty rough and ready. Yeah, we go to the functions, for the Koreans. On reflection what do you think about the tests being, held in Australia? They said I had colitis. (checks hearing aid) Sometimes I can hear properly and other times I can’t. Yeah. But, we, wouldn’t have had much time to dig trenches. I got a 100 per cent in maths. On 21 July 2017, Mediawan, through its audiovisual company AB Groupe, bought the 35% held by CLT-UFA and became its sole owner. In 1969, the Belgian government moved the frequencies for radio relay to cable. And, eventually the smoke cloud, floats across the country and they had them, worked out so that it would float across past Queensland and out into the sea. Oh there, lots of gung ho blokes who’d, be only too pleased to talk about it. Tokyo, it was called I think. And, I couldn’t say a word against them they really cared for us, yeah. Yeah, so, the end of, the. So he didn’t get through his Staff College. Yeah. Yeah I hated shame so I volunteered and I was glad, I did. Oh sure, yeah. We’ll just change tapes, we’ll just switch over. Just on, you mentioned the nurses, what was it like having to fight without women around at that time? And, even Bob Menzies, at the time. We came home on an American, I’m sorry a British ship. Old Bob, Bob Parker. Originally the French language service of Radio Luxembourg, RTL is France's leading newstalk speech station. oh I stayed on there for a while. And 3 Battalion went back, to rest, yeah. And how about any of the other nationalities, did you have much to do … ? But, no. Will they get here and, no no and, of course. waiting, to come across. Like the Regimental Police in the Battalion they might do that. And, the land, the roads, I mean, oh, struth. How about the relationship with the Australians and the New Zealanders? Would you dig trenches or … ? But nowadays of course it’s, both Mum and Dad working. And it’s, it’s a big. That might have come from, a Japanese name from way, back I’m not sure. On a, twiddle twiddle, radio. North and South, Communism and United Nations or Americanism. And I took that out of the paper and took it to school and I said I thought it was him but it wasn’t because he didn’t go to Greece, and, yeah. Then we, the United Nations troops, took it back. there had orange hair. And …. For example at the Battle of Kapyong they were, they were piled something, like 10 high, the dead Chinese. And again we were under the British mm. RTL9 is available with Canal+ and Bis Télévisions satellite packages, on Luxembourgish cable, French (Numericable), Swiss (UPC, Naxoo and Net+) and Lebanon (Cablevision), and on television ADSL packages. Which I duly did after six months and, then joined the army. I do. I mean, the South Koreans if they took North Korean prisoners, ‘Pow.’ They didn’t muck around, yeah. Did they have any names or things they’d call you, Australians? RTL Télévision and RTL TV stayed until 1990. And, I met her again when I was evacuated back to Japan. Royal Air Force guys on a on a British ship yeah. made their living mainly by begging. running for his life, and this was on the bridge, on a bridge at, Hiroshima. The reaction well I suppose there was a lot of , “Oh no, not another war.” Oh no, because, you see, ’39, 1939, was only, 21 years after the other one. Yeah yeah, I’ll go into some detail now. And I think that took over that particular café. And I believe that you shouldn’t have to salute in the field. We were hounded at one stage by, what we call, Bed Check Charlie. And, oh it was lovely. Bag World M11. Well it’s like that. Yeah. Did a course. Waste of money and they’re starving. Yeah. Oh yeah, well there was a big service for Colonel Green and a lot of people went, went to that but that was in North Korea. And, all of a sudden, whoo, over it came. RTL Télévision moved to studios at 3, allée Saint-Symphorien, Metz at the end of 1990 to reach the public of Lorraine, but the final parts of the business remained at Villa Louvigny. And, they called for volunteers throughout different areas of Japan, because our Battalion 3 RAR [3rd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment] was stationed at Hiro, down south near Kure in, Hiroshima. Aside from your motivation that, this was in the Army and this was your job and this is what you did, was there a greater political motivation for you in the war? And some were getting around with long chopsticks. And I wore my uniform. And, I found, and I’ve still got it somewhere, a card of hers where she’d been paying, so much a week towards her funeral. So I was put in hospital, in Japan, in Kure, at the, BCOF [British Commonwealth Occupation Force] Base Hospital for two weeks. But, sometimes you’d hear the North Koreans jibber on, on the line. Yeah, old Pappy. There’ll be moaners and groaners who say they should have this and they should have that. Yeah that’s right. Kingsway and Gannons Road, Caringbah . Juno Awards 2004. Like what kind of formations, what kind of methods? Why do you think he was so, or what made him so anti it? Yeah, I can’t think of his name but, he had a twin brother. The family were there to meet me. I can’t say, offhand. Lying on the ground, behind mounds. So. The only time I ever, heard anything about Communism, and didn’t even know a thing about it it was when I was a young kid. and got on board the U.S., ship, U.S.S., what was it called? We only sent troops, to Korea. It’s all right it’s safety in numbers. It was just a trip to Japan. When I, was evacuated back to Japan, I was in, from the MASH I was put in an American hospital at, Fukuoka. Useless. And, thereafter, it wasn’t called. “. See there’s only, about 7,000 left out of 18,000, that went to Korea. Because I went to cross a road and there was a great trainload of, dignitaries coming down in trucks and, they stopped everything for them. And, we’ll call it as like a reinforcement, if you like and pick up their weapons, and use them, yeah. They liked us they thought we were great guys and, that was, that was good. They were good mates yeah. But those spotter planes were good, yeah. Even the Brigade Commander, Brigadier Code, he said, oh it was wonderful to see it was like a shooting gallery. And that’s been directly a like, that’s a post-war thing that? Yeah. Oh yeah, too right. But now the boss of North Korea, Kim Jong Il, he’s had a highway built from Pyongyang down to the DMZ [Demilitarised Zone] in South Korea. Okay. Yeah. All of those things tied into one I guess. If you got a figure of three you were sent out. Enlarged Cotter Dam. Who knows? Can’t think of, what else was there? And, he was told what to do by. Interesting. Blokes having their toes taken off. And up I went, holding, trying to hold the, or cover up the hole in the back of them, hm. And, he, he was just a skeleton when he came out of that of course. To go into a Japanese theatre was an experience. Oh well we had our, physical, you know, and all that sort of thing, exercises. we had our numbers in, the [(UNCLEAR)] rear of our hats. I feel better now that I’ve done it and, it’s another experience, yeah. And, the security there they’ve got big spotlights and, a big wire fence that they, patrol in case any of them try to get across. The, President of South Korea at the time was, old, Syngman Rhee. I wasn’t concerned about, being murdered, shot at or, knifed or bayoneted or anything like that it didn’t worry me I didn’t even think of it. He got killed at Pakchon I think. Oh, they were indoctrinated. You mentioned that she worked. “My God what a mess”, yeah. Had you gotten any winter coats or anything? I was, I was a corporal there and, they. Oh it depends on, when you were told to sleep and, when you were woken up I guess. and camaraderie cannot be beaten anywhere. I’m sorry. Oh they were separated. What was it for? I thought, “Oh this is great stuff.” Yeah. in camp yeah. The channels, where the, sewerage would flow through, and all that jazz, oh, they were living in these cardboard cartons put together. The M6 motorway can be reached after 5 minutes’ drive and the National Exhibition Centre is a 15-minute drive away. Me Turk, me Turk.” They didn’t, they wouldn’t surrender. strong about it and just didn’t worry much. Yeah, well we would be told to dig in, that would be the first thing. But you see they’re too busy making money, now. And, they would always retrieve their wounded. Create an account or log into Facebook. Sir,” and he said, “Hummerston,” who incidentally was the first man killed in Korea, he said, “It’s a salute I’m after not a weather report.” Oh he was a pig of a man old Red Robbie, yeah. and I’d write very chance, Japan and Korea every chance I got I wrote her a letter. We also got a cap, which was, a, fur lined cap with the, top coming up in front. Chinese though, well no enemy’s a good enemy I suppose. Palmerston to George Town OPGW. Georges Lang est domicilié au Luxembourg (où, dans sa maison, il a aménagé son propre studio et peut y préparer ses émissions), faisant la navette avec Paris [1].. Carrière à la radio. Or Frozen Chosen. And, they were all there in a group and, my carriage went past them and. SCAP they used to call him, Supreme Commander of Allied Powers. In the South Korean army. And we took, I think it was 1982 prisoners, from there. Get it through and, that’s day and night too incidentally. There was a brewery there too called Asahi. Well, she was, she was just put in there and, I don’t know I didn’t go into. I used to think it was A-N-Z-A-C in blocks. And it would happen and boom. Well it’s politics, not people, mm. The development of cable in Belgium, and especially Francophone Belgium, meant that Télé-Luxembourg sat alongside the French channels (TF1, Antenne 2 and FR3). That’s how it worked out. 04:00:35:00 Okay yeah, just tell us about that initial stage where you were told that you were going to Korea. Yeah. camps the way the North Koreans treated our blokes. Embarkation numbers. They, the people that were, burnt from the atomic rays, the gamma rays, see there’s three rays alpha beta and gamma, and it’s the gamma rays that get you. It was just rocks and hill. That was at Sariwon, on the way up, when they were harbouring North Koreans in the village. And they took over the fight. Everything’s got to be Communism. No no, about, some of the organizations you’re secretary for and …, Oh I’m Secretary of the Association of Queensland Korean Veterans, yeah sure. The, boys at Kapyong got hit by the spotter plane, organised napalm but in the, in the wrong area and it, it hit one of our companies yeah. I wasn’t into any of that with the interrogation or the, any of the people who were responsible for that. But it’s got 20 keyholes. She was quite proud of that. Women, Korean women in their national dress. I, wasn’t young for too much longer after I first went to. well, over the age limit and to my mind, it must be the first war ever, where people have put their age down to go to war instead of putting their age up to go to war. I can’t say much more about the Japanese I suppose. Because at the time I believe, 3 RAR only, oh they were about a third of their strength. And General Robertson would not allow that wedding. Now Haramura was out of. Just imagine, imagine three little hamburgers, about so big, put in a tin and, gravy with them, and then sealed. They would take them to a cigarette place and they would be broken up and made into, cigarettes, put in a packet and the name of the brand was Peace, P-E-A-C-E. With a dove of peace on the, on the packet. I had an Owen gun I didn’t have a rifle. But, I don’t think I let it get hold of me. We speak your language! Quite funny. Blackwoods, part of Wesfarmers Industrial & Safety (WIS) is a recognized leader in managing design, development and supply chains globally, as such we are committed to working with our supply partners to continuously improve ethical business practices Had them done up like that and, they used to think they were great and they were important because they were. They’re still, fiddling with it, whether, people are going to be given, a pension or, what have you but, I’m TPI I don’t care I can’t go any higher and, I don’t care about Maralinga it doesn’t worry me. No. Liked, yeah, and revered, and, everything about him, yeah. Very very steep and craggy. What was the, your impressions of the way, I guess the Japanese were living at the time? A mix of conversation and music hosted by Andrew Ford. But, when we were there we wouldn’t entertain Asahi beer. And that happened quite a bit, you know. All those areas were at, though, I think they eventually formed, North Korean, prison camps there. Don’t know if he even was an Indian I think that was a gimmick. You see I went out early from Korea, back to Japan. From Tokyo down, to Kure, Hiroshima. We didn’t. It was an old Dakota DC3 Mark 4 I know all about them, pardon me, because I used to jump out of them. No, that, that would have been, yeah about 3 weeks or a little less. But at one stage they had a plane and they evacuated us from the MASH And we were, last, to get on the plane and we helped each other. So, that rearguard action was, something that upset a lot of guys but, it was okay because we got out okay. The North Koreans used human excrement for fertiliser on their rice paddy fields. announced. “ Sir sir, three bags full.”. From Sydney, yeah. How did they treat you as the youngest? Home. we just got trousers to go with the jacket. But they used that for manure because, on their paddy fields because, the Japanese, stopped, the subsidy of fertiliser. And, me, as a knowledgeable person on Communism, you can wipe that because I wouldn’t have had a clue. It would have meant making the channel dedicated to "French fiction" and no longer showing films on Wednesday, Friday or Saturday nights, as the showing of films on these evenings is still banned in France. And. Mile and a half it was real hot, yeah. And then, it went down to a place called Uijongbu where, I was out of the Battalion by this and a bit of fighting took place there. Bulk Liquids Berth 2. We did a lot of marching to and from here and there up and down hills but, you couldn’t take vehicles up and down the hills. No I I don’t think it’s, it’s a big deal to say, “Oh yeah look, when we were there I killed, 17,” “When I was there I killed 12,” “When I was there I didn’t get any,” and all this jazz. And the Chinese found him and he was buried up to there. Swinburne it’s a university now. And, they took him away. And, we had to burn the village down to stop them harbouring in the houses, the huts, you see. An absolute ratbag. Maybe I’ve always had a little part of my brain, lying dormant, for, history. No one was allowed in there and you couldn’t see it from the air. Yeah. And, as a result there, there was no, counselling, or anything like that. And, I, had to, keep communications going, with the Commonwealth Division. But the Chinese were, what we’d call fair dinkum fighters. He was, sacked, by Truman, and I’ll tell you why. Did you, again being eight, like, when I was eight I didn’t have the bigger sort of sense of, world politics or events, was there something about people’s reaction or I guess, Menzies’ speech which made you realise that, this was something fairly big? And that helped us advance, further north. But got rid of it. What was it like for you? And, we went through, all the. Yeah. Yeah. So, how did you move forward in this battle? You just mentioned the Turks and I was actually going to come to that. Well you’re wrong I’m sorry. That stick in my memory that got killed? Have they ever told you what it was like for their wife to come to Australia? Under the direction of the new programming director, Jean Stock, a clutch of programmes and presenters were successful: Le Train des jouets, Léo contre tous, Citron Grenadine, Tête à Tête, Stop Star, Le Coffre-fort, Fréquence JLB, Atoukado and many presenters. Just straight across the Japan Sea. them. No. How would you break up that sort of cease fire to … ? But General MacArthur made that landing at Inchon I think on the 12th I think of September. Tell us about patrols. However, the 819 line transmitter did not correctly show the programmes. Oh, didn’t think of it. How to do it with Smartphone, Camera Canon M6 Mark II and Video. Yeah. Yeah. How did you deal with seeing these things? And, everyone knew Fergie because he’d been 2IC also of, he was a Major in the Battalion for years ever since it formed. And that, that was a, a good memory of Tokyo in that march. Many of them. Oh. And, it was pretty cold. We didn’t see them as we were doing the advance in another direction I call it. said to them, what about it? How were the people, looking out and that sort of thing? Cape Lambert Port B Marine Works. I don’t think there were too many forgotten or or left, I’m pretty sure they were all taken care of. And I also went to one of their, live, theatres, which was called the Takaruzaka, in Tokyo. And and a lot of them evacuated to the paddy fields you see. Comradeship, camaraderie. And I think Ken would’ve said, oh let him go, can’t do any harm he’s only going to Japan. Project documents; Lane Cove & Ryde Rds - Macquarie Park to Pymble. No one seemed to know. Who knows? I ne-… I went in the but I didn’t go far I just can’t remember anything about it. I can’t, from recollection think of anyone ever talking. Yeah. Yeah I think 12, ’31, 30, ’43? Interest. How did, you use the helicopters apart from, evacuating wounded, I mean, where would they go? Blackwoods, part of Wesfarmers Industrial & Safety (WIS) is a recognized leader in managing design, development and supply chains globally, as such we are committed to working with our supply partners to continuously improve ethical business practices Hoping you can help. But that’s all. So, take us through that period when you were moved from Seoul, to Pyongyang. Yeah, I think. There’s something wrong with it. Don’t pick fights with them. But, they were quite, quite good yeah, very good. Just have one stretcher on either side of them. No. When we first went there, we were under the British Commonwealth, 27th Brigade, made up of the, Argyle and. And, we just pulled into to Sydney it was, no big deal I suppose being on board the ship. Yeah. And every man in that Battalion was, full of respect for him. Chocolate, yeah. But those words, ‘We Remember’ I, use them whenever I can. But with the with the planes you see them come down and, dive low and then shoot their rockets, wherever the enemy was. General Robertson, the Commander-in-Chief, was dead against it. Acronym. In the stooks. And, of course, Bernie, Goldsmith but I wasn’t there ‘cause he was killed at Kapyong and, he’s buried down south at Pusan now. We’ve only got two minutes. But it was impossible, after the Chinese came in, because of, the weight of numbers. She never ever remarried, she’s a lady of nearly 80 now. We had two dinners one was sponsored by the, Federation of Korean Industries. Don’t know there’s about nine, disabilities I’ve got I think. Until we, the Battalion. how would you set up a camp? That’s good, excellent, sorry I completely forgot about …, UNSW Canberra at the Australian Defence Force Academy. And, it was, it was a good leave we, went everywhere and then, I stayed in the army for 16 years. The Wild Shop M6. And how long did you spend in that initial training? I’d go, be more inclined to say trucks, than anything. Didn’t want to get killed, can’t blame them for that, not wanting to get killed. Just a little bit about, your time in, in hospital in Japan …, What was the hospital set up like? With those Aboriginal people that were cleaned, how was she cleaned?