For now I will post her. I would like to know 120i controller (HP Dynamic Smart Array RAID) is real hardware raid or not? It might resolve your bug that i’m not aware of. XBMC running movies from Virtual NAS Would the 80W utilize too much heat? I havn’t run 720p, but 1080p it can’t handle. hi, Required fields are marked *. Hey Jacko. Thanks :). Even for the thicker SAS drives I have lying around. Consider you buy 4 identical discs. The heatsink uses slim ILM instead of normal 1156/1155 format, so consumer aftermarket stuff like Corsair or Coolermaster are not available. Yes, there’s room for a 2.5″ in the DVD bay, you maybe able to use the ODD SATA port to drive it but it won’t be 6Gbps. :(. And no, you can’t configure RAID in vSphere. Hi, Stefan. Alles erdenkliche wieviel du beim Begriff Hp Microserver Gen8 Xeon erfahren wolltest, siehst du bei uns - genau wie die ausführlichsten Hp Microserver Gen8 Xeon … HP MicroServer Gen8, Xeon E3-1265Lv2 16GB RAM, SmartArray P410+Bat, ohne DVD+HDD. I believe you are right that updating the clock after installing the ILO4 license will cause the license to expire. Hey, Jeroen, I got the 6450 working which is good but I cant seem to passthrough the sound pci component (6400 hdmi sound). Easier to explain that way :). HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 Intel Xeon E3-1220L v2 - B-Ware B-Ware / Rückläufer Artikel kostenloser Versand Artikel 0% Finanzierung Artikel Jetzt 100€ sparen! if you do find that information somewhere let me know as I’m curious. I’ve already researched it, but those servers that had a similar issue use different components and are more high end. In a nutshell – the E3-1265Lv2 is a cracking processor, enables all the virtual machine goodies you need, runs cool enough for the stock heatsink and is at a decent enough price point. So far it has let me connect a dozen times for 40 seconds at a time, and I can interact on the keyboard and such. 1 - 25 von 42 Ergebnissen für "hp server gen8" in Deutschland. One thing to note is that you can’t pass the controller that you’re using for a VMWare datastore… and VMWare requires a datastore so if you only have one controller you won’t be able to pass it using VT-d. Ben. I can confirm the thing about UDIMM ECC as required. green/red or seagete. No, it’s a different socket. Maybe someone else can use yours and others replies to my questions. Solved it by looking into the processor socket, mine was realy messed up. I guess trans-coding must take advantage of the extra cores on the Xeon. A day or so later the license had expired again. HP uses this on some of their ODD drives, but it is uncommon on non-HP ODD drives. Thermal sensor says about 40ish celcius with 4 cores and turbo mode. Standard 1155/1156 is 75mm between the holes in a square, if this is the same then it means any aftermarket heatsink should work :). 3) Gigabyte just made a new board GA-9SISL. some days ago I also installed my Intel Xeon E3 1230v2 in my G8, but iLO is always showing a temperature of 40 degree celsius – sometimes up to 46. For now I’m going to keep it where it’s at (the least amount of work) and hope the 2GB memory increase helps. Mit einem Formfaktor, die einfach zu nutzen und zu warten ist, unterstützt er kleine Unternehmen bei der Senkung ihrer Kosten bei gleichzeitiger Verbesserung ihrer Produktivität, Effektivität und Sicherheit. Looks like a pretty decent setup. If you want to run a heavy database server or run 100 users off an Exchange server you might want the faster processor. I thought only the onboard B120i with suitable drivers let the system run at a normal fan cpu? However, I don’t think there’s a need to disable it… I don’t believe the Turbo will engage unless only one core is in use so it wouldn’t contribute to thermal issues. I have 3x 2½ SAS discs on top + Battery for my P410 controller. The one thing that I’m seeing as a drawback to the ML310e versus the Microserver, is the lack of bundled HD caddies and the actual cost to purchase them. Always installed using Intelligent Provisioning. I was mainly thinking of using the SSD as 1) its quicker, 2) its separate to the storage, so can be backed up separately. EN 61000-3-3, Your blog finally answered my question and I will proceed with the upgrade. Hi, Adi. I managed to get the storage drivers downloaded onto cd then shoved that in the server and selected the correct ones. Thanks, kind of odd that that i3s support it while the i7s do not… but good to know. Samsung 840 EVO 120GB passthrough for OS Die Reihenfolge der besten Hp Microserver Gen8 Xeon. Can i use ZFS with built in controller card and how do I set this up? Mine runs 24/7 running as a domain controller, file share server, hyper-v host, CCTV running also no problems. HI, Daniel. Could anybody do such test, please? Oooh, thanks for the heads-up regarding the lack of ECC RAM support on the Mac Mini. So I got a Gen8, with 16GB RAM, four 4TB WD RED’s to no really use :O( For now the servers purpose is to serve some shares from a Windows machine run from a 2.5″ HDD in the ODD bay. I’m very close to ordering one, but am waiting a little time, waiting for maybe a confirmation that it actually works. Nothing extra to do… Quite a difference when bd rips average out around 10-15gb. This page probably has the best current information: In general I think the Xeon E3-1230v2 had the most performance and features per dollar and is what I ran in my Gen8 Microserver. Kingston KTH-PL316E/8G, PC3-12800E ECC Ram z.b. It has always been loud regardless of configuration. If you’re trying to power a regular hard drive there’s a molex power cord just under the ODD bay that plugs into the storage array, it would be easy to intercept it at that plug and put in a molex power splitter. 1 x Intel Xeon E3-1230V2. Hi Morten, Hopefully someone else will try and report back. Ethernet/LAN - Technologie: 10/100/1000Base-T (x). Raid 10 does not have to do that, as it functions using true mirroing without parity. You can run Hyper-V for free as well now. In comparison, third-party memory requires 1.5 V to achieve the same performance. Thought it was std. Any chance you measured or could check the hole spacing on the heatsink mounting holes? And you know you won’t have to worry about any overheating issues! But mine is running at 32 % now. I think that dual channel requires two identical modules. I’m much more fan of Hyper-V over Esxi, but to each his own. Is it important? which processor is he best option for the Gen8? But please do share thoughts and concerns that I maybe don’t see. The only drawback I am facing is whenever that I need to remove the passthrough to the AUDIO HDMI because it lets the streaming with metalic sound and choppy. Also much greater success rate of rebuilding raid 10 than raid 5 as raid 5 has to do a full parity check on all discs. 5. You’re right that 10 minutes isn’t long enough to properly stress test. To be fair though, I only have one VM running now – it’s a disposable Windows 8.1 installation I use for downloading. If i configure 4x3tb WD red in RAID 10 now, will i be able to upgrade to M1015 card in the future without problems or will I have to configure something? Buisinesses proberly already have agreements in place. I’ve tested 2/4 and 3/4 cores enabled, but the temperature seems to be same, both 40C(107F) in iLO, I suspect the accuracy….. 2. Though the chipset is able to handle a capacity of 32gb ram (udimm / unbuffered ECC), e3-1200 line cpus are not able to handle udimms with more than 8gb per channel. I wonder – will latest Citrix XenServer install on CPU upgraded system? I have a Xeon CPU now, and ESXi allows me to setup the passthrough, but it won’t start a VM. The LSI has the same SAS/SATA connector as the HP motherboard, so one can plug the HP cable into the controller and still use the drive bays. Your bios’ version isn’t the latest one: 06/06/2014 is the latest. This one is on Microserver Gen8 drivers site: Important note: HP ProLiant Server firmware access I am looking to upgrade to 16GB. I’m using a small APC UPS, which I’d strongly recommend to filter out spikes and prevent bad shutdowns etc. – Virtual NAS Lets hope the gen 9 finally allows more RAM from the release date, otherwise its not worth it. How do I get access to the CLI? Natürlich ist jeder Hp Proliant Microserver Gen8 Xeon sofort bei im Lager und sofort bestellbar. I just squeezed some of the upright metal thingies meant to hold the ODD. What is the time horizon for getting the website up and running under whished for conditions? I don’t have great perfomance needs. – The highest Intel XEON E3 speed possible without heat E3-1265LV2? Der entscheidene Sieger sollte im Hp Proliant Microserver Gen8 Vergleich sich gegen die Anderen durchsetzen. I’m a little less knowledgeable than some of your guys when it comes to raid and vm, so some of my questions may seem a little…err….out there, lol? I have 16GB PC3-10600, but i think it is registered memory. Some (most?) – VMware ESXi 5.1 HP Version Hopefully it will get a little better with newer drives. The new OS 2012 R2 is smart enough to move the hot data to the SSD and low data to the slower disk dynamically. But if you notice the site going down a lot feel free to drop another comment to let me know. It is very close in performance to an i3, and it does support virtualization. But their fans are typically far more noisy than consumer heatsinks. I highly recommend you to have a look to this forum: I’ve just updated the BIOS on my server to the latest version and that didn’t help, but I think this can be resolved through a BIOS update. Hi, Ludvig! Planing on installing Server 2012 R2 and play around with that. Thanks for any more help you can offer. 16Gb memory Filip, that’s right, the V3 Xeons are not compatible. Thanks, perhaps I wasn’t clear what I wanted to do…. VMWare ESXi 5.1U1 (HP bundle) installed on internal SD Card, Thanks for the info Patrik! It needs to do a full parity/checksum on all the discs to do that, it is rather likely that one more disc fails on you and you loose evertyhing. I’ve got 2 x 4TB WD HDDs in mine running without issue (no further configuration required). Verbaut ist eine Intel Xeon CPU E3 1220 v2 mit 3,10 GHz und 4 Cores. Me too i noticed and i am no happy at all, hope this will not effect the intelligent provisioning as well, because having a service contract is a serious stuff, and costly. It never ever fluctuates. You can use this one There are a total of three ethernet ports. I found the onboard raid provided by Intel Z77 is not supported by ESXi and could not install the hypervisor on the “software raid”. SHOP. Is it ok to cut off the male floppy connector and replace it with a regular male molex connector? Seems their 16GB modules have been approved for Atom C2000 based systems, so maybe worth to hang on for a box based on that platform. HP has a list of approved memory, even memory that meets all the criteria can fail if it’s not on that list, therefore I suspect someone with good knowledge of BIOS modding can probably fix that. I just upgraded the Graphic Card in my Hp Proliant gen8 microserver. Are we in agreement that RamCity is the only contender right now? RAID 10, HP SmartMemory, Some of the links posted above for the cable adapters required are in actual fact wrong, the slimline drives use a MINI Sata power connection and therefore you will need a cable to suit such as: Hello Ben, The Gen8 Microserver differs from its predecessors by offering a socketed CPU (socket 1155), making user CPU upgrades possible. The best way to do VT-d is to pass a RAID controller to the VM, I’ve use the IBM ServerRaid M1015 flashed into IT mode which is less than $100 on eBay. p.s. On max load (8 cores at 100%) for about 10-15 mins. Here’s why the website is unstable… my landlord sold our house out from under us so I had to move my family on short notice and all I could get was a house in a rural area with no internet (there are actually no phone lines to my house), fortunately I do get 4G LTE via Verizon wireless so I got a Millenicom plan with a static IP and used that for awhile but I had trouble staying under the 20GB monthly limit so I bought someone’s grandfathered unlimited data plan, but Verizon won’t give me an un-natted IP address unless I pay $500 for a static IP…I don’t want to pay $500 for a static IP because I’m not sure how long the unlimited plans will last, so I moved this website to one of my servers at my friend Jeff’s house (he has Verizon FIOS), but he’s running an old HP Microserver N40L (great little server, here’s my review: but my website become too much of a load for it and the MySQL database or Apache processes keep dying with an out of memory error … we have quite a bit running on that server under VMware. As an owner of the first N36 HP microserver, i was very content with the design and the fact that it was very silent. Way too loud for me. Thought five was needed. Gave better performance. Bummer. I’m just glad I had external Space for backup of the NAS when a disc broke and I tried to rebuild, as one more disc failed. But now the bios screen says its not the required size hdd in bay 5 (odd)? I’d rather wait than buy this I think. I came from N40L and one strange thing in Gen8 is the apparant lack of extra power/molex plugs. I must say I had to use the HWiNFO to check my temperature as there where no other monitoring tools in the Hirens boot cd. It just needs more memory but we’ve maxed it. Sadly its not a server or enterprise board, and enterprise server arch is best for what I do. 08.02.2019. Another Again: Then you can putty. It is going to be BIOS/iLO safe ranges. The stock processor does not differ from the i3 except for clock speed and hyper-threading, so I don’t think it’s worth the money to upgrade to an i3. the Samsung 840PRO. Today is the day, Gen8 will be delivered. – The controller that comes with the Microserver supports up to 3TB drives (and only the first two drives are . Comparison between Gen10 and Gen8 MicroServer. I didn’t like having to pay for an ILO license to keep the KVM over IP connected and wanted something a little more powerful. Thankz Morten. Any of that make sense? Hi, Morten. Der Testsieger konnte im Hp Microserver Gen8 Xeon Test sich gegen alle Anderen durchsetzen. Okay, sounds great. HP / HPE Proliant DL380p Gen8 14,4 TB 10K SAS HDDs, 64GB RAM, Zum Verkauf kommt hier ein gebrauchter, voll funktionsfähiger Server von HP / HPE, Modell... Versand möglich. Sadly the firmware update did not solve my issue. I could have just installed the license and had it forever?! (click through to the Intel ref pages) Looks like a great clean solution. I would go for an adapter with 2 internal as I have 4 3½ drives + 3x 2½ drives internally in my server. How is the HP server handling 3rd party RAID controller cards? The 8th Gen HP Microserver is outdated. I just ordered the same one as you have (E3-1230 v2) since the slightly cheaper E3-1220 v2 is not worth it (price/performance ratio due to 4C/4H). Found a single molex under the ODD day, which I could split out to add some extra devices. 3. rather than the dumb way HP went by only having 2x 6gbit controllers and the other 2 being 3gbit. I ended up buying 1230v2 aswell, was initially worried but i haven’t been able to utilise all the cores with everyday use for long periods of time, so its been good in terms of heat. I have 5.5 running on it but I have been unable to make the PCI passthrough to work. It’s just not going to happen. I know it’s a bit late but for future reference, to get SSH, you need to go to the Configuration Tab then Security Profile, Properties, and Start the SSH Server Service. I wish I’d known that earlier… I probably wouldn’t have sold my Microserver. I ended up returning the computer because it couldn’t handle photoshop and revit that good and that’s what I wanted to use it for. So if it has to sit in the living room, I diffenetly don’t want the fan to be running at over 40%. The HP Microserver Gen8 has an embedded SATA RAID controller that HP … The latest patches fix the initial issues with passthrough in 5.5, have you tried patching 5.5 to the latest version? I made a deal with a big supplier, so I can just return them for full refund. Approximately US $602.76 … I did entertain Raid10, but it requires 4 disks and would effectively halve my storage, only giving me 4TB. There are 4 HDD … ESXi does not support software raid provided by the Microserver. Yes, data will be wiped if you change raid types from raid 10 to 5 or the other way. It is an ordinary BBWC module with additional FLASH memory. Since I can’t go for RAID 5 at the moment, I’m forced to go with RAID 1+0. I can see the processor running 100% at all time. Took some time for me to understand the internal/external principal, but this video showed it: As soon As I receive them I will build the system and report my findings here.…, Comp. there is a power cable but it’s a mini 4-pin designed for the DVD drive. Fast Ethernet, Any ideas, a i don’t know why i’m getting kernal errors with the SSHD using the B120i. one quistion, can you post a link wish cable do i need the buy? Herzlich Willkommen hier bei uns. HP Proliant MicroServer Gen8 Intel Xeon E3-1220L V2 2.3GHz 16GB RAM NO HDD … Maybe I’ll get another one when the Gen9s come out. You have to think about where to lay your power cable for the 2,5″ HDD though, as HP seemed to intentionally have constructed this bay to only house its own products… ;-) So you say that I can remote manage the server for 40 seconds per session forever, without buying a licence? When you guys talk about raid cards allow you to pass through the raid controller to VM, what exactly do you mean by that? But these are not needed for normal operation with RAID1. Click.. it switched on… posted… boosted up and then went into the OS, speed dropped to 13% and it’s been stable as a rock with CPU temps @40c on idle / 50c @ full load with no more clicking and the fan pretty silent.. so.. if anyone has the same issue with their fan being very noisy (clicking etc) just buy a AFB1212SH off ebay, take out the bearings and replace in your existing fan… job done. I’m currently talking to their supplier in Holland/netherland reagarding 16gb ram blocks. It’s really nice using the HP 410 as it uses the HP Smart Array / Utility software. I can’t see the table with possible processors. What’s your thoughts on this build over a n40L with 16GB RAM?…is it worth the upgrade? Didn’t use Provisioning OS installation procedure. small business, RAID 0, 3. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. =\. You can run raid 6 with 4 discs if you want to. I’m using all cores with HT enabled. Comp. I also took power for some of my discs from the Optical bay power source with a homemade adapter. I want to install VMware and use sever for backups, nas4free, LAMP servers and some testing and maybe some more things in the future. It DOES NOT support Non-ECC Memory, I mistakenly bought a non-ECC 8G and it won’t boot. 1. If I get around to It (if my back allows measuring my server), I can make a drawing of it. Pick any two. Ich biete hier meinen Hp Microserver Gen8 zum Verkauf an, wird erneuert aufgrund zu geringer... 599 € VB 90469 Aussenstadt- Sued. The crash event in case of FBWC use goes as follows: – get data from DRAM stored onto FLASH using energy from EXTERNAL capacitor, called by HP “Super Capacitor”. Not sure if it’s ESXi, HP IP or Win that should have a driver update? I do have an iLO advanced license I bought on Amazon for about $40, but I am hesitant to install it as I don’t know if the same thing will happen there. You can play using more diode @ diferent voltaje until you get a better vent at low sound, My G16010T was around 27-32% on the fans…I had an SSD on the optical SATA port and even had the native HP RAID 0 for this drive…finally put in 4x 3TB drives for storage only and put then on RAID 10…rebooted and presto it’s now running at 6%…I kid you not…. Capacity: 16GB so economywise there should be no difference to me, hosting your website for a period. Caution is advised if using a higher TDP CPU due to increased heat ouput. Can I format it as something else, that will make it possible to get around this error. Sounds like you might want to take a look at as a potential VM. On a slightly related note, does anyone running a P222 receive a Critical temperature alert on the P222 in the ILO4 due to the temperature of PCI1 going to 103C (it auto-recovers and settles at 90~C after about 30 seconds). Right now I have yet to find a server board mini ITX that handles 32gb and up. In my case, the integrated SATA controller has to be set to legacy or AHCI for the HDD to be detected and bootable (I am using a Adaptec 3405 for RAID 5 anyway :-) ). KTH-PL313LV/16GB I will end up changing the fan or or insert a resistor if it continues. Thanks for the comment, Harry. Hey Jacko. Going to have a “full” bodycast (back and one leg) on tormorrow, and for 3 weeks, so have to wait till after that, since my server is hidden behind a lot of stuff.